DeFi beyond Crypto

Scalable decentralized exchange protocols for crypto and synthetic tokens
Open Finance,programming assets
Crypto,Synthetic tokens for fiat currency,commodities,stocks and stock indexs
Tswap chain
It is a high-performance underlying public chain developed based on the Substrate, where derivatives trading can work easily.
It is a low-volatility algorithm coin depends on the balance of demand and supply issued on Tswap Chain and circulating on Tswap ecosystem.
It is a decentralized exchange bridging Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 based on TSWAP Chain supports synthetic tokens, TSC, and other digital currencies.
Self-Goverence and Security
The Tswap chain is secured by 100+ validators ,the very best professional community validator services ensure your assets are safe.
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The Tswap Ecosystem.
powered by Parity Substrate
Non-custodial or custodial
The trading records are on the blockchain.And the assets of users are mapping to the blockchain.But users could choose the private keys custodial or non-custodial.
Synthetic asset are switched easily(from London gold to Brazil stock index);And the different crypto asset are connected cross-blockchain.
Be Built on substrate consensus DPOS and share the security and scalablity of Polkadot network.
meet our team
Tswap team has had more than 5 years experience on trading and Fintech area.And they developped some open finance products,like derivatives exchange and market maker service.
Jack Feng
Frank Pei
Jason Jiang
Katherine Zhang
Co-founder of CFG
Kelly Wang
CMO of HomiEx
Tess Hau
Entrepreneur and venture investor
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